AZ® 111 XFS Photoresist

Thickness Range and Exposure

Film thickness: 1 µm at 4000 rpm
UV-sensitivity: i, h-line (310-420nm)
Sales volumes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1.000 ml, 2500 ml and 5 Liter

General Information

AZ® 111 XFS is a special photoresist with excellent adhesion on all surfaces. The origin of this photoresist dates back to 1964 (AZ® 111 S). It was one of the first commercial positive photoresist used for general purpose applications with contact printing. Meanwhile AZ® 111 XFS, a safer solvent version of AZ® 111 S, has advanced to meet today’s demands of semiconductor manufacturing and is still widely used where outstanding wet-etching capabilities (adhesion) and low sticking to the mask (proximity printing) are needed.


The suitable developer is the AZ® 303 Developer. You can use it in a dilution ratio of 1:3 to 1:4.

For further information please refer to Photoresist AZ 111XFS.pdf


Lithography Application Notes

Our list of application notes with litho-related theoretical and technical background on all stages of micro-structuring can be downloaded from here: application notes.

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