AZ® 4500-Series: Thick Resists with Optimized Adhesion

Outstanding Properties

The AZ 4500 series (AZ 4533 and AZ 4562) are positive thick resists with optimized adhesion for common wet etching and plating processes:

  • Optimized resist adhesion to all common substrate materials
  • Broad process parameter window for stable and reproducible litho-processes
  • Compatible with all common developers (KOH- or TMAH-based)
  • Compatible with all common strippers (e. g. with AZ 100 Remover, organic solvents, or aquaeous alkaline)
  • g-, h- and i-line sensitive (approx. 320 - 440 nm)
  • Resist film thickness range approx. 3 - 30 µm

The members of the AZ 4500 family (AZ 4533 and AZ 4562) differ in their solvent concentration and thus allow a broad range in the attainable resist film thickness with one resist system:

AZ 4533

Resist film thickness at 4000 rpm spin speed approx. 3.3 µm, via variation of the spin speed approx. 2.5 - 5 µm attainable. Available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml and 5 L bottles.

AZ 4562

Resist film thickness at 4000 rpm spin speed approx. 6 µm, via variation of the spin speed approx. 4.5 - 10 µm attainable, up to 30 µm via single-coating with adjusted spin profiles (short spin times at medium spin speed). Available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml and 5 L bottles.

Resist Film Thicknesses > 30 µm?

Generally, the AZ 4562 can be coated and processed up to 30 µm and beyond. However, softbake, rehydration, exposure and development become very time-consuming in this thickness range. Additionally, even the rather transparent AZ 4562 may form N2-bubbles during exposure when applied too thick. Therefore, for resist film thicknesses > 20 µm, we strongly recommend the chemically amplified AZ 40 XT.

Suited Developers for the AZ 4500 Resists

If metal ion containing developers can be used, the KOH-based AZ 400K in a 1 : 4 dilution (for higher resist filmthicknesses 1 : 3.5 ... 1 : 3 diluted possible) is a suited developer.

If metal ion free developers have to be used, we recommend the TMAH-based AZ 326 MIF, AZ 726 MIF or AZ 826 MIF developer (undiluted).

Recommended Removers for the AZ 4500 Resists

For non cross-linked resist films the AZ 100 Remover, DMSO or other common organic solvents cab be used as stripper. If the resist film is crosslinked (e. g. by high temperature steps > 140°C, during plasma processes such as dry etching, or during ion implantation), we recommend the NMP-free, nontoxic TechniStrip P1316 as remover.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

For further information refer to the technical data sheet of the AZ 4500 series (AZ 4533 and AZ 4562): TDS_AZ_4500

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