AZ® TFP 650

Outstanding Properties:

The TFP 650F 5 Resist is suitable for spin coat and extrusion coat applications excellent adhesion requirements and / or harsh etching conditions. The TFP 650F-5 is compatible with all commercially available wafer and photomask processing equipment. The main characteristics are:

  • high photospeed
  • low dark film loss
  • optimized resist adhesion
  • easy removal after hardbake
  • high resistance to harsh etchants

Suited Developers for the TFP 650 F5:

We recommend AZ 326 MIF Developer or AZ 726 MIF Developer (this one contains surfactants).


For non cross-linked resist films the AZ 100 Remover, DMSO or other common organic solvents cab can be used as stripper. If the resist film is crosslinked (e.g. by high temperature steps >140° C, during plasma processes such as dry etching, or during ion implantation), we recommend the NMP-free, nontoxic TechniStrip P1316 as Remover or Technistrip P1331.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS):

For further information refer to the technical data sheet of the AZ TFP 650F Resist: TDS AZ TFP650 F

Lithography Application Notes

Our list of application notes with litho-related theoretical and technical background on all stages of micro-structuring can be downloaded from here: application notes.

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