Methyl Isobuthyl Ketone

Available Purity Grades of MIBK

We supply MIBK in VLSI-quality as is typically used in the fields of semiconductor processing and micro-electronics. The specifications of both qualities are listed here: MIBK

Available Sales Units of MIBK

  • Bottles á 2.5 L
  • 25 L drums on request

Typical Fields of Application of MIBK

MIBK is a solvent with a boiling point of 116°C. In the microelectronics it is sometimes used as a developer for e-beam resists. Synonyms for this solvent are: isobuthylketone and "4-methylpetane-2-on".

Further Technical Information

A document with physical and chemical theoretical background on organic solvents can be found here.

A comprehensive number of documents with more application-orientated information of all common stages of micro-structuring are ready for download here.

Please contact us for any further questions around your running or scheduled litho-processes, we try our very best to give you all required support!

Physical Properties of MIBK:

Melting point
Boiling point
Flash point
Vapour pressure @ 20°C

0.80 g/cm3
19 hPa

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