NMP (1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone)

Available Purity Grades of NMP

We supply NMP in ULSI-quality as typically used in the fields of semiconductor processing and micro-electronics. The specifications of both qualities are listed here: NMP

Available Sales Units of NMP

  • Bottles á 2.5 L (also single bottles)
  • 200 L drums on request

Typical Fields of Application of NMP

NMP is a powerful lift-off medium due to its physical properties: NMP yields a low vapour pressure (no striation formation), strongly solves organic impurities as well as resists, keeps solved particles in solution, and can be heated up to 80°C due to its high boiling point. For the same reasons, NMP (pure or diluted in H2O) gives a very well-suited stripper for photoresists processed under harsh conditions.

Substitute for NMP?

Due to the toxicity of NMP and its position of the SVHC-list (REACH), the long-term availability of NMP can not be guaranteed. Therefore, we strongly recommend to consider alternative substances.

For non cross-linked resist films the AZ 100 Remover, DMSO or other common organic solvents cab be used as stripper. If the resist film is crosslinked (e. g. by high temperature steps > 140°C, during plasma processes such as dry etching, or during ion implantation), we recommend the NMP-free, nontoxic TechniStrip P1316 or NI555 as remover.

Further Technical Information

A document with physical and chemical theoretical background on organic solvents can be found here.

A comprehensive number of documents with more application-orientated information of all common stages of micro-structuring are ready for download here.

Please contact us for any further questions around your running or scheduled litho-processes, we try our very best to give you all required support!

Physical Properties of NMP:

Melting point
Boiling point
Flash point
Vapour pressure @ 20°C

1.03 g/cm3
0.32 hPa

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