Yellow Foils for the Yellow Room

self-adhesive or non self-adhesive

This transmission spectrum is not to be seen as specification, but as exemplaric measurement of a certain lot of our yellow foil.

Yellow Foil Requirements

The spectral sensitivity of common photo resists ranges from the near UV to the short wave VIS part of the spectrum. The g-line absorption maximum at 435 nm wavelength is centred in the blue part of the spectrum and drops towards longer wavelengths without sharp absorption edge.

Therefore, in order to allow the storage of a resist-coated substrate under yellow-light conditions over hours without unintentionally exposing the resist film, wavelengths < 500 nm have to be completely blocked below the detection limit.

At the same time, wavelengths > 540 nm which correspond to the sensitivity maximum of the human eye should be sufficiently transmitted by the yellow foil. Both requirements allow a safe and reproducible resist processing with reasonable energy consumption for the clean room illumination.

Our Yellow Foil Y520E212

Our yellow foil Y520E212 completely blocks all radiation with wavelengths < 500 nm, and yields a high transparency for wavelengths > 540 nm. Thus the Y520E212 is perfectly suited for the processing for all common photo resists.

For further informations, please refer to Technisches Datenblatt DX Y520E212 DE (only available in german language at the moment).

Our Self-Adhesive Yellow Foil YSA520E212

For further informations, please refer to Technisches Datenblatt DX YSA520E212 DE (only available in german language at the moment).

Application Fluid DX MF 301

For further informations, please refer to Technisches Datenblatt DX MF 301 DE (only available in german language at the moment).


Fields of Application

Our yellow foil Y520E212  can either be attached to window panes with UV stable double-faced adhesive tape (also supplied by us), or – assembled in Polycarbonate bushings - fixed around white Hg fluorescent tubes.

We supply both systems – please contact us for further information!

For an offer, please contact us via:
e-mail: sales(at) or phone: +49 (0)731 977 343 0
Thank you very much for your interest!

Lithography Application Notes

Our list of application notes with litho-related theoretical and technical background on all stages of micro-structuring can be downloaded from here: application notes.

Installation Instruction for Yellow Foil

For further information please refer to our Application Notes:
Installation Instruction for UV Protection Yellow Foil

Preisliste von 12.03.2015

UV- Schutz Gelbfolie Breite Länge Nettopreise (in €)
01 Gelbfolie Y520E212 1,08 m 1,0 m 56,00,-
02 Gelbfolie Y520E212 1,08 m 5,0 m 231,00,-
03 Gelbfolie Y520E212 1,08 m 10,0 m 421,00,-
04 Gelbfolie Y520E212 1,08 m 20,0 m 800,00,-
05 Gelbfolie Y520E212 1,08 m 50,0 m 1.900,00,-
06 Gelbfolie Zuschnitt Y520E212 1,08 m Zuschnitt Zuschnitt x 56,00,-
Zubehör Breite Länge Nettopreise (in €)
07 Doppelseitiges UV-festes Klebeband 19 mm 55 m 14,00,-
UV- Schutz Gelbfolie selbstklebend Breite Länge Nettopreise (in €)
01 Gelbfolie YSA520E212 1,08 m 1,0 m 66,00,-
02 Gelbfolie YSA520E212 1,08 m 5,0 m 281,00,-
03 Gelbfolie YSA520E212 1,08 m 10,0 m 521,00,-
04 Gelbfolie YSA520E212 1,08 m 15,0 m 765,00,-
05 Gelbfolie YSA520E212 1,08 m 20,0 m 1.000,00,-
06 Gelbfolie Zuschnitt YSA520E212 1,08 m Zuschnitt Zuschnitt x 66,00,-
Zubehör   ml Nettopreise (in €)
07 Montageflüssigkeit DXMF301   800 ml 28,00,-
08 Montageflüssigkeit DXMF301   5.000 ml 84,00,-
09 Kunststoffrakel DXRA100     8,80,-
UV- Filterröhre T5 Ø 20mm Länge Watt Nettopreise (in €)
01 UV- Filterröhre T5 YT520E212 230 mm 6 Watt Auf Anfrage
02 UV- Filterröhre T5 YT520E212 300 mm 8 Watt Auf Anfrage
03 UV- Filterröhre T5 YT520E212 525 mm 13 Watt Auf Anfrage
04 UV- Filterröhre T5 YT520E212 549 mm 14 Watt 17,50,-
05 UV- Filterröhre T5 YT520E212 849 mm 21 Watt 18,90,-
06 UV- Filterröhre T5 YT520E212 1.149 mm 28 Watt 25,00,-
07 UV- Filterröhre T5 YT520E212 1.449 mm 35 Watt 28,00,-
UV- Filterröhre T8 Ø 33mm Länge Watt Nettopreise (in €)
01 UV- Filterröhre T8 YT520E212 450 mm 15 Watt Auf Anfrage
02 UV- Filterröhre T8 YT520E212 600 mm 18 Watt 20,00,-
03 UV- Filterröhre T8 YT520E212 900 mm 30 Watt 22,00,-
04 UV- Filterröhre T8 YT520E212 1.200 mm 36 Watt 25,00,-
05 UV- Filterröhre T8 YT520E212 1.500 mm 58 Watt 28,00,-
06 UV- Filterröhre T8 YT520E212 1. 800 mm 70 Watt Auf Anfrage