AX 100


General Information

AX 100 is an acidic solution for the activation and pretreatment of surfaces for the electroplating to be used on seed layers and metal surfaces. This solution should be used if a direct plating leads to bad adhesion. This is typically the case when you try to directly deposit gold on nickel surfaces or a direct coating on Ti or TiW layers. AX 100 activates metallic surfaces as a pretreatment before plating and leads to an improved adhesion of deposited layers on materials that tend to oxidation. Typical applications for this solution are in the field of semicondutor- and micromechamincs device proecssing.


  • Low attack on metal surfaces
  • Compatible to many materials, e.g. metals typically used in plating technique
  • Compatible to resist masks
  • Non toxic, easy to handle
  • Moderate operating temperatures of approx. 40°C


  • Common Novolak based resists (e.g. AZ phtoresists)
  • Metals: no attack to Ni, Ti, TiW, Ta, Cu
  • Semiconductor materials: Si, SiO2, Si3N4
    (Further data to other materials on request.)

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet:
> AX 100 (TDS)
Wet Etching
> Wet etching metals

Sales Volumes, Purity Grade and Shipping

Available Sales Units:

  • Bottles á 5 L or 1 L 

Our typical lead time is 1-3 working days within Germany, lead times to other countries on request. On demand, in urgent cases our etchants can be shipped within 24 hours to a destination inside Germany.

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