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We would like to inform you about a change regarding the product AZ Aquatar VIII-A 45 from Merck. The change concerns an additive which was changed to a similar one of another raw material supplier. The transition time, where we have been able to still supply the “old” AZ Aquatar VIII-A 45 comes now to an end and starting in March 2020 we will supply the “new” AZ Aquatar VIII-A 45 instead of the “old” one.

If you have not yet received a sample of the new anti-reflection coating, please feel free to contact us.

> Technical data package for AZ® Aquatar VIII A45

Thank's for understanding!

The AZ Aquatar has been discontinued. The alternative products are:

> AZ Aquatar VIII-A 45
AZ Aquatar VIII-A 30

AZ Aquatar-VIII A45 and -VIII A30


General Information

AZ Aquatar®-VIII A45 and -VIII A30 is a top layer anti-reflective coating for use with g- and i-line. AZ Aquatar®-VIII A45 and -VIII A30 acts like an optical coating at the interface photoresist/air and improves image contrast.
Multiple reflections within the photoresist are also suppressed, the result is generally a reduction of the amplitude of the swing curve to 1/3rd. Application is very simple: it is just spun on top of the photoresist, no additional bake cycle is required and the standard development cycle removes it.
This simple process reduces linewidth variation over topography significantly, however does not suppress reflective notching.

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet:
> AZ Aquatar TARC (TDS)
> AZ Aquatar (TDS)
AZ Aquatar (Info)

AZ Barli


General Information

AZ® BARLi® - II is a bottom antireflective layer coating for use on highly reflective surfaces in the semiconductor industry. It is designed to work with positive photoresists and is optimized for i-line exposure tools. Upon completion of the lithographic process, AZ® BARLi® - II is patterned in a dry-etch process.

AZ® BARLi® -II coating material is formulated in photoresist-compatible solvents to simplify the EBR process and to be both environmental and user friendly. We recommend AZ® EBR 70/30 for best performance.

AZ® BARLi® - II is tailor-made to yield the near-optimum values for refractive indices (n and k) for i-line lithography, which ensures minimum reflectivity and maximum swing reduction for photoresist layers.
Composed of highly absorptive polymer-bound dyes, this material provides excellent coating uniformity and step coverage.

AZ® BARLi® - II shows high etch selectivity (comparable to AZ® BARLi® ) and high thermal stability up to 230°C. It does not show intermixing with photoresist.

AZ® BARLi® - II is available in two thickness grades, 900 A and 2000 A, in order to provide optimum film thickness for the first and the second swing minimum respectively at about 3000 rpm spin speed.

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet:
> AZ Barli II (TDS)
AZ® Barli®- II (Info)
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