AZ® 10XT

Thick Resists for High Resolution

Resist-Types, Thickness Range and Exposure

AZ® 10XT 520CP
: for film thickness 5 ... 20 µm
Sales volumes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2.5 L and 3.78 L

AZ® 10XT 220CP: for film thickness 4 ... 6 µm
UV-sensitivity: i- and h-line (310 - 410 nm), broadband or monochromatic
Sales volumes: 3.78 L

General Information

Compared to the AZ® 4500 series, the AZ® 10XT resists have a lower optical absorption. This simplifies the exposure of (also very) thick resist films. Therefore – in combination with the missing g-line sensitivity – the AZ® 10XT series needs a higherexposure time under broadband condition, and reveals a lower development rate ascompared to AZ® 4500 films processed under the same conditions.

For lower resist film thicknesses we recommend a dilution with PGMEA = ‘AZ® EBR Solvent’. The following resist filmthicknesses refer to 4000 rpm understandard conditions:

  • 4.0 µm:100 g AZ® 10XT + 13 g PGMEA
  • 3.0 µm:100 g AZ® 10XT+ 23 g PGMEA
  • 2.0 µm:100 g AZ® 10XT+ 42 g PGMEA
  • 1.5 µm:100 g AZ® 10XT+ 55 g PGMEA
  • 1.0 µm:100 g AZ® 10XT+ 88 g PGMEA

The AZ 10 XT is a PFOS-free alternative to the AZ 9260, which was discontinued in 2019.


AZ® 400K 1 : 4 or AZ® 726 MIF recommended. In case of very thick resist films, a rather strong developerconcentration such as AZ® 400K 1 : 3.5 ... 1 : 3.0 might be reasonable forrequired short development times.

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the Technical Datasheet:
AZ 10XT series (TDS)

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