AZ® 12XT-20PL

AZ® 12XT-20PL-10 and AZ® 12XT-20PL-15 - Chemically Amplified Positive Tone Photoresists

General Information

AZ® 12XT-20PL-10 is a chemically amplified thick positive resist characterized by its excellent environmental stability and suitability for plating and RIE etc applications. Even for very high resist film thickness, AZ® 12XT-20PL-10 requires only short softbake times, no delay for rehydration, very small exposure doses due to its chemical amplification and reveals a high development rate.

Sales volumes: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2,5 L and 3,78 L bottles

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the Technical Datasheet:
AZ® 12XT (TDS)

AZ 12 XT (2.4 ?m lines at 10 ?m film thickness)
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