AZ® 40 XT

Chemically Amplified Thick Photoresist

General Information

AZ® 40 XT is a chemically amplified ultrathick positive resist. The field of application of the AZ® 40 XT starts at 15 - 30 µm, where litho-processes with conventional positive resists become very time-consuming due to increasing delays for rehydraion of N2-outgassing, both not required for the AZ® 40 XT.

Even for very high resist film thicknesses, AZ® 40 XT requires only short softbake times, no delay for rehydration, very small exposure doses due to its chemical amplification, and shows a high development rate. Therefore, processing of the AZ® 40 XT goes much faster as compared to conventional thick resists.

Two points have to be considered when starting with the AZ® 40 XT:

  • The maximum softbake temperature must not be applied abruptly, in order prevent the formation of bubbles in the resist film. We recommend eirger the usage of a proximity hotplate, or a temperature ramp on a contact hotplate.
  • For the AZ® 40 XT, a post exposure bake is obligatory in order to complete the photoreaction and make the resit developable.

Sales volumes: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2,5 L and 3,78 L bottles

Outstanding Properties of AZ® 40 XT

  • 15 - 100 µm resist film thickness via single-coating
  • Aqueous alkaline developers (e. g. AZ® 326/726/826 MIF)
  • No rehydration required, no N2-formation during exposure
  • Very good adhesion, very steep resist sidewalls
  • Can be stripped wet- and dry-chemically
  • Optimized for electroplating, wet- and dry etching

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the Technical Datasheet:

Lines and spaces varying from 100 to 10 µm with a 40 µm thick AZ 40 XT at 400 mJ/cm2 exposure dose
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