AZ® MIR 701

High Resolution and Temperature Stability

Available in two Versions:

  • AZ MIR 701 14CP

  • AZ MIR 701 29CP

Thickness Range and Exposure

AZ MIR 701 14CP: 900 nm at 4.000 rpm, few 100 nm by dilution
AZ MIR 701 29CP: 1.6 µm at 4.000 rpm

UV-sensitivity: i-, h-, g-line (310 - 440 nm), broadband or monochromatic
Sales volumes: on request

General Information

AZ® MIR 701 is a thermally stable (softening point>130°C), high resolution photo resist optimized for dry etching of sub-µm structures. For even higher resolutions applying e. g. laser interference lithography, AZ® MIR 701 can be further diluted to 500 nm and below.


AZ® 726 MIF or AZ® 351B 1 : 4 recommended;
AZ® 400K 1 : 4 or AZ® 326 MIF possible

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet:
AZ MIR_701 (TDS)
> AZ MIR 701 29CPS (Additional Information)
> AZ MIR 701 14CPS comparison studies
AZ MIR 701 29CPS comparison studies

300 nm resist lines attained with the AZ® 701 MiR. Source: AZ® MiR 701 Product Data Sheet by AZ-EM®
A 1.2 µm structure after 130°C hardbake. Source: AZ® MiR 701 Product Data Sheet by AZ-EM®
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