Deep-UV Photoresist

Thickness Range and Exposure

Film thickness: approx. 2 ... 4 µm (55 cP version)
UV-sensitivity: 248 nm
Sales volumes: 3.78 L (gallon)

General Information

AZ® TX 1311 is a chemically amplified positive deep-UV (DUV) resist for very highaspect ratios at resist film thicknesses of several µm. AZ® TX 1311 is optimized forhigh energy implant applications, and – due to its high thermal stability – also wellsuited for dry etching.
The AZ® TX 1311 makes, as other chemically amplified DUV resists, high demandson the purity of the cleanroom air as well as constant process conditions. The postexposure bake (PEB) conditions are rather critical, as well as the time span betweensoftbake and PEB and between PEB and development.

Outstanding Properties

400 nm lines or spaces at a resist film thickness of up to 4 µm. High sensitivity (approx. 20 - 30 mJ/cm2 at 4 µm resist film thickness) Aqueous alkaline developers (e. g. AZ® 326/726/826 MIF) Standard wet stripping processes.


We recommend the TMAH-based, ready-to-use AZ® 326/726/826 MIF.


NMP or DMSO are suited removers.


The figures below show cross sections of 400 nm trenches (top) and lines (bottom) at3.8 µm resist film thickness as a function of the depth of focus and the exposuredose.

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet:
> AZ® TX1311 (TDS)

TX1311 (400 nm spaces at 4 µm resist thickness)