Ordyl FP 400

Dry Film

General Information

Ordyl® FP 400 s a negative, aqueous-alkaline developable and stripable i-line sensitive dry film, optimized for highest resolution requirements, both for laser exposure and standard UV exposure.
Due to its high chemical stability and good adhesion to e. g. copper, the main area of application for the Ordyl® FP 400 are plating processes with all common electrolytes for PCB.
The available film thicknesses are 15 μm (0.6 mils), 25 μm (1.0 mils), 40 μm (1.6 mils) and 50 μm (2 mils) with achievable aspect ratios around 2. Lamination takes place at 105 - 125 ° C and a pressure of 2.5 - 3.5 bar at a speed of approx. 1 - 3 meters per minute.
Der Ordyl® FP 400 is exposed with wavelengths around i-line (360 - 380 nm) with doses of approx. 100 - 400 mJ / cm2 (depending on the film thickness and the desired profile of the developed coating structures), a post exposure beacon is not necessary.

Main Features:

  • Excellent resolution up to an aspect ratio of 1:2 (i.e. with 40 μm thickness 20 μm lateral resolution can be achieved)

Typical Application:

  • Acid etching
  • Tenting process
  • Copper, tin, tin/lead plating

Available Thickness:

  • 15 μm (0.6 mils), 25 μm (1.0 mils), 40 μm (1.6 mils) and 50 μm (2 mils) for Ultra Fine Line


Development takes place with aqueous Na2CO3 or K2CO3 solutions or developers optimized for this dry film, followed by a subsequent rinse with DI water hardened with 250 mg/l Magnesium Sulfate.

Removers and Strippers

Resist removal takes place with KOH- or NaOH-solutions (each approx. 1 - 3% at 40 - 60°C) or strippers optimized for this dry film, such as the Ordyl Stripper 5600 and TechniStrip NF26.

Technical Data Sheet

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet:
> Ordyl FP 400 (TDS)

Sales Volumes, Purity Grade and Shipping

Available Sales Units:

  • on request

Our typical lead time is 1-3 working days within Germany, lead times to other countries on request. On demand, in urgent cases our etchants can be shipped within 24 hours to a destination inside Germany.

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These images of Ordyl® FP 400 resist structures in different magnification show the potenzial of very high aspect ratios. Images with kind permission from the data sheets of the manufacturer Elga Europe.