P. Circuit Board Resist

PL 177 Photoresist

Thickness Range and Exposure

Film thickness: 1 ... 10 μm (depending on the deposition methot)
 i-, h-, g-line (310 - 440 nm), broadband/monochromatic
Sales volumes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1.000 ml, 2,5 L and 5 Liter

General Information

AZ® PL 177 is a positive tone liquid photoresist for the application in various coating techniques, especially for printed circuit boards manufacturing. AZ® PL 177 can be used in all those places, where layouts are directly to be copied onto and subsequently transferred into a substrate by 
The essential features of AZ® PL 177 include:

  • high resolution potential
  • good drying behaviour
  • aqueous-alkaline processability
  • halogen free coating solvent
  • possibility of multiple exposure (selective plating process) light or bright day light should be avoided
  • storability of coated substrates
  • blue coloured for easy inspection

AZ® PL 177 can be applied by dip coating. By dilution with suitable solvents AZ® PL 177 can be adjusted to also meet the viscosity and drying requirements of other coating techniques (spray coating, roller coating, spin coating). AZ® PL 177 is resistant towards acidic and ammoniacal etchants as well as acidic and neutral plating baths.

The final removal of the temporary resist layer, the stripping, is done with low concentrated bases. PL 177 is used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, multilayer inner flexible boards and in chemical milling.


AZ® Developer also possible are AZ® 400K 1:4 or AZ® 826 MIF as well as simple NaOH and KOH solutions. 

Technical Data Sheet:

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet:
> AZ PL 177 (TDS)

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