BOE (Buffered Oxide Etch) and BOE with Surfactant

Available Purity Grades and Concentration of Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid

Buffered Oxide Etch, BOE 7:1
Buffered Oxide Etch, BOE 7:1 with Surfactant

We supply buffered hydrofluoric acid = BOE 7:1 (HF : NH4F = 12.5 : 87.5%) in VLSI-quality, which is the usual purity grades applied in semiconductor processing and micro-electronics. A new type of BOE 7:1 in our portfolio is the Buffered Oxide Etch with Surfactant.
The specifications of our BOE 7:1 are listed here:
Boe 7:1
BOE 7:1 with Surfactant

Available Sales Units of Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid

  • Bottles รก 2.5 L (also single bottles)
  • 30 or 200 L drums on request

Typical Fields of Application of Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid

BOE is mainly used for etching glasses, quartz and SiO2 films.

Pricing and Lead Time: Your Request

We try to always keep BOE 7:1 ready for shipment on stock. Please contact us for a quote and let us know if you need the BOE with or without surfactant.:

sales(at)  or  phone:  +49 731 977343 0

Thank you for your interest!

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet of the BOE:

Buffered Oxide Etch, BOE 7:1

Further Technical Information

A document dealing with HF and BHF etching with a focus on photoresist processing can be found here.

A comprehensive number of documents with more application-orientated information of all common stages of micro-structuring are ready for download here.

Please contact us for any further questions around your running or scheduled litho-processes, we try our very best to give you all required support!