We offer a wide range of speciality chemicals for lithography and semiconductor processing and Si wafers. Especially for research institutions and for the university sector, we have customised container sizes and offer comprehensive technological support.

We are an official distribution partner of Merck Performance Materials GmbH. Therefore, you will find original AZ (formerly Electronic Materials) photoresists for almost every application, as well as the corresponding auxiliary chemicals such as AZ thinner (AZ edge stripping media), AZ developer or AZ resist remover (stripper/remover).

In addition to the AZ product range, we have also had other process chemicals from Technic France in our sales programme for some time, for which we are also a distribution partner. If you need e.g. acetone, isopropanol, hydrochloric acid or chromate etching solution in VLSI quality, you can also obtain these substances from us in small quantities in addition to many other acids, alkalis, solvents and etching mixtures in semiconductor quality.

Our team is available at at any time to discuss technological issues in the field of semiconductor processing with you. Some questions may be easy to answer with our interactive support. In this system, you may be able to find solutions to a problem using symptoms.


Photoresists- positive, negative, image reversal

Developers - metal ion free and metal ion containing, MIF/MIC

Auxiliary materials - Adhesion promoter and resist remover

Etchant- Acids/bases in VLSI quality, etching mixtures premixed for etching many materials and solvents

Etching mixtures- ready to use for various materials

Solvents- VLSI and ULSI quality

Electroplating products - electrolytes, anodes and additives