AZ 100 Remover

AZ® 100 Remover is based on solvent and amine. AZ® 100 Remover is used for photoresist stripping with low attack to aluminium. Low hazard is achieved by the use of ethanol amine.

Low evaporation rate allows the use at elevated temperatures (up to 80°C), high efficiency (>3000 wafer per litre) helps saving costs. Where attack to aluminium is of no concern, it may even be diluted with water.
AZ 100 Remover is not compatible with AZ nLof 2070 (AZ nLof 2000 series) resists.

For further information please refer to AZ 100 Remover.pdf


Lithography Application Notes

Our list of application notes with litho-related theoretical and technical background on all stages of micro-structuring can be downloaded from here: application notes.

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