TechniStrip Micro D2

General Information

TechniStrip Micro D2 is a very well suited substitute for the NMP and DMSO/Amine strippers, that are regarded as toxic since a while, or which are corrosive to some metals.

TechniStrip Micro D2 is a versatile stripper which is dedicated to address resin lift off and dissolution on negative and positive tone resist. The organic mixture has the particularity to offer high metal and material compatibility allowing to be used on all stacks and particularly on sensitive substrates.

Some Applications are for instance:

  • Positive resin stripping
  • Negative tone resist lift off
  • Lift off process to pattern metals and dielectric layers
  • Reworking
  • Adhesive, glue cleaner

For further Information please refer to TDS TechniStrip Micro D2 and additional Information for TechniStrip Micro D2.

Lithography Application Notes

Our list of application notes with litho-related theoretical and technical background on all stages of micro-structuring can be downloaded from here:
application notes.