TechniStrip P1316

High Performance Removers

TechniStrip® P1316 is a powerful NMP-free remover for

  • Novolak-based positive resists such as all positive AZ® resists.
  • Epoxy-based resists
  • Polyimides, bonding glues
  • Dry films

At 75°C, TechniStrip® P1316 is able to dissolve – not only peel – even heavily crosslinked resists (e. g. by dry etching or ion implantation) from the substrate in few minutes.
TechniStrip® P1316 can be used in batch immersion and batch spray equipment, as well as in single wafers cleaning tools due to its high stripping efficiency.

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Lithography Application Notes

Our list of application notes with litho-related theoretical and technical background on all stages of micro-structuring can be downloaded from here: application notes.

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