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AZ 10XT Photoresist (520cP) - 3.785 l

AZ® 10XT is a thick positive resist with high resolution potential for wet etching and plating applications.
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Product number: 1A010XT00
Manufacturer: Merck Performance Materials GmbH
Product information "AZ 10XT Photoresist (520cP) - 3.785 l"

AZ® 10XT (520CPS)

Thick Resists for High Resolution


General Information

Compared to the AZ® 4500 series, the AZ® 10XT resists have a lower optical absorption. This simplifies the exposure of (also very) thick resist films. Therefore, in combination with the missing g-line sensitivity, the AZ® 10XT series needs a higher exposure time under broadband condition, and reveals a lower development rate as compared to AZ® 4500 films processed under the same conditions. On the other hand, the AZ® 10XT shows a very high aspect ratio and resolution. For lower resist film thicknesses we recommend a dilution with PGMEA = AZ® EBR Solvent. The following resist film thicknesses refer to 4000 rpm under standard conditions:

  • 4.0 µm: 100g AZ® 10XT + 13g PGMEA
  • 3.0 µm: 100g AZ® 10XT + 23g PGMEA
  • 2.0 µm: 100g AZ® 10XT + 42g PGMEA
  • 1.5 µm: 100g AZ® 10XT + 55g PGMEA
  • 1.0 µm: 100g AZ® 10XT + 88g PGMEA

The AZ® 10XT is a PFOS-free alternative to the AZ® 9260, which was discontinued in 2019. Viscosity and process parameters are identical to the former AZ® 9260.

  3.0 µm lines in 12 µm thick AZ<sup>®</sup> 10XT Ultratech 1500 Exposure, AZ<sup>®</sup> 400K Developer 1:4 (260s spray)

3.0 µm lines in 12 µm thick AZ® 10XT Ultratech 1500 Exposure, AZ® 400K Developer 1:4 (260s spray)


Product Properties
  • Good resist adhesion to all common substrate materials
  • Compatible with all common developers (KOH- or TMAH-based)
  • Compatible with all common strippers (e.g. with AZ® 100 Remover, organic solvents or aqueous alkaline)
  • h- and i-line sensitive (approx. 320 - 410 nm)
  • Resist film thickness range approx. 5 - 30 µm

The recommended developers for the AZ® 10XT photoresist are AZ® 400K 1:4 or AZ® 726 MIF. In case of very thick resist films, a rather strong developer concentration such as AZ® 400K 1:3.5 - 1:3.0 might be reasonable for required short development times.


For non cross-linked resist films the AZ® 100 Remover, DMSO or other common organic solvents can be used as stripper. If the resist film is cross-linked (e.g. by high temperature steps > 140°C, during plasma processes such as dry etching or during ion implantation), we recommend the NMP-free TechniStrip P1316 as remover. AZ® 920 Remover can be a good choice as well, in case of harsh treated, hard to remove resist residuals.

Thinning/ Edge Bead Removal

We recommend for thinning the AZ® EBR Solvent.

Further Information

Safety Data Sheet AZ® 10XT (520cps) english
Sicherheitsdatenblatt AZ® 10XT (520cps) german

Technical Data Sheet AZ® 10XT (520cps) english

Application Notes:
Further Information about Photoresist Processing

Chemically amplified: no
Film thickness: 5.0 – 30.0 µm
Film thickness range: thick (> 5.1µm)
High thermal stability: no
Mode: positive
Optimized for: electroplating, wet etching