About Us

The MicroChemicals GmbH in Ulm


  • 2001: Start as distribution partner of Clariant for AZ products

  • 2002: ISO 9001 Certification

  • 2006: Extension of our portfolio with VLSI solvents, acids, bases and etchants

  • 2010: Extension of our portfolio with wafers (silicon, quartz, glass, fused silica)

  • 2012: Extension of our portfolio with plating solutions and anode materials for electroplating

  • 2013: Completion and move in our new building (approx. 500 m2 office and lab space, approx. 1000 m2 storage space)

  • 2019: Completion of our warehouse and building expansion.

Distribution Area and Customers

  • Worldwide (except US and Canada)

  • Public and pricate research institutes; small, medium and large production facilities

  • Customers in the fields of micro-structuring (micro-electronics, micro-mechanics, micro-optics, micro-fluidics)

Our Philosophy

  • Suited sales units and quantities with short lead times

  • Comprehensive technical support