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On its way from sun to earth, sunlight covers a distance of 150 million kilometers. To our opinion, this journey is much to long only to heat up a flat roof. Since 2004, our photovoltaic modules produce clean power which is supplied to the net. In 2013, we installed a photovoltaic system on top of the roof of our new building, with a rated power of 58 KWp. This PV- system produces more electricity than this building is consuming, including all facilities integrated. In parallel, we installed a ca. 25KWp solar thermal system for warm water production. A saisonal storage saves the heat for heating the building during winter time together with the solar powered water-water heat pump

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MicroChemicals promotes several teams in different sporting activities. Mainly in the field of Runnung, Thriathlon and Mountainbiking.
We are excited about the competitions 2013 of our "Team MicoChemicals".


To our opinion, education is the most efficient way to help developing countries helping themselves. In 2006 we started an education sponsorship program. Hereby we enable a selected group of 10 children from India to start and complete schooling.

Our photovoltaic modules
MicroChemicals at Runnung, Thriathlon and Mountainbiking.