Lithoprotect® Yellowlight products for the Yellow Room

UV-filter ideal for photolithography


Yellow Foil Requirements

The spectral sensitivity of common photo resists ranges from the near UV to the visible blue part of the spectrum. Most of our resists are sensitive to g-line (435 nm wavelength). This wavelength is centered in the visible blue part of the spectrum and drops towards longer wavelengths without sharp absorption edge.

Therefore, in order to allow the storage of a resist-coated substrate under yellow-light conditions over hours without unintentionally exposing the resist film, wavelengths < 500 nm have to be completely blocked below the detection limit.

At the same time, wavelengths > 540 nm which correspond to the sensitivity maximum of the human eye should be sufficiently transmitted by the yellow foil. Both requirements allow a safe and reproducible resist processing with reasonable energy consumption for the clean room illumination.

This transmission spectrum is not to be seen as specification, but as exemplaric measurement of a certain lot of our yellow foil.

Lithoprotect® Properties

The Lithoprotect® UV protection yellow foil Y520 was designed specifically for UV-photo-sensitive applications and blocks UV radiation reliably below 520 nm. The Lithoprotect® yellow foil Y520 consists of yellow dyed cellulose triacetate. Due to the imbuing, a reliable UV-protection can be guaranteed also in demanding applications below nm 520. The Y520 UV blocking filter is applied in the area of photo lithography, printed circuit boards and  microelectronics manufacturing, printing plates and photoresist production, as well as the handling of photoresists and diazo films. The films are used in  pharmaceutical research, development and production.
The Lithoprotect® yellow foil Y520 is waterproof and resistant to oils,  greases, benzine and aliphatic hydrocarbons. The yellow foil dissolves or swells with chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketone aromatic solvents. This can affect the optical properties. The UV protective foil is not resistant to concentrated acids
and bases. The foil is attacked in these substances.

Lithoprotect® Application Areas

The Lithoprotect® UV-protective foil Y520 can be cut like to paper. You can use double-sided adhesive tape for mounting it on windows, privacy screens, room dividers, lamps and front openings.
durXtreme recommend, however, for large windows applications, to use the Lithoprotect® UV protection film YSA520 self-adhesive. The Lithoprotect® yellow foil YSA520 can be glued with the mounting fluid DXMF301 easily and bubble-free on any smooth and solid surfaces.
For filtering fluorescent tubes (Y520 T5 and Y520 T8), durXtreme recommend the specially designed polycarbonate sleeves. Here, is the UV protective yellow film Y520 already incorporated, so you can cost-effectively “upgrade” standard white fluorescent tubes for your yellow light application.

We recommend the Lithoprotect® yellow light products for the filtering of short-wave radiation for the processing of photochemicals. These are divided into films (self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive) as well as ready-made filter bushings for fluorescent tubes.

The Lithoprotect® products are available at our partner company durXtreme GmbH.

Lithoprotect® Products

UV-filter yellow foil

> Lithoprotect® UV-filter yellow foil Y520
> Lithoprotect® UV-filter yellow foil YSA520 self-adhesive

UV-filter sleeve

> Lithoprotect® UV-filter tubes Y520 T5 for T5 lamp
> Lithoprotect® UV-filter tubes Y520 T8 for T8 lamp


> Lithoprotect® seam tape YST520
> Lithoprotect® mounting fluid DXMF301
Lithoprotect® squeegee DXRA100

If you are interested in Lithoprotect® yellowlight products, questions on application or technical information, please contact our partner durXtreme.
You can also place your order through the Lithoprotect® online shop.

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