Ag Plating Solution NB SEMIPLATE Ag 100

1 and 5 L units, short lead time

General Information

Our silver plating solution NB SEMIPLATE AG 100 is an alkaline (pH 9 - 11), non-cyanidic electrolyte. Ag films deposited with the NB SEMIPLATE AG 100 have a satin-gloss appearance and show a good conductivity.

  • Purity approx. 99,0 - 99,9
  • Hardness approx. 70 bis 90 HV
  • Density approx. 10.4 g/cm3

With adjusted photoresist processing, the NB SEMIPLATE AG 100 is compatible with common AZ resists. TDS_NB_Semiplate_Ag_100_en.pdf

NB SEMIPLATE AG 100 is a ready-to-use product. It is not necessary to add other materials for the initially start of the application. Over time, it may be necessary depending on the electrolyte and application to add additives (see data sheet).

Individual Technical Support and Price Request

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