MicroChemicals Silicon, Quartz, Glass and Fused Silica Wafer Stock List (Revised: 21.09.2017 12:27 MEZ)

Other wafer types (also cut wafer pieces) and technical details on request: info@microchemicals.eu
 1 Inch2 Inch3 Inch4 Inch5 Inch6 Inch8 Inch12 InchStücke
CZ-Si0 Wafer3352 Wafer4459 Wafer8232 Wafer500 Wafer823 Wafer416 Wafer75 Wafer800 Wafer
FZ-Si0 Wafer440 Wafer10 Wafer94 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer
Si+SiO20 Wafer295 Wafer465 Wafer586 Wafer0 Wafer62 Wafer25 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer
Si+SiNx0 Wafer0 Wafer111 Wafer160 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer
Quartz0 Wafer0 Wafer87 Wafer230 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer70 Wafer
Fused Silica0 Wafer365 Wafer0 Wafer194 Wafer0 Wafer115 Wafer0 Wafer0 Wafer2577 Wafer
Glass0 Wafer225 Wafer175 Wafer830 Wafer50 Wafer294 Wafer21 Wafer0 Wafer350 Wafer

12 Inch Glass Wafers
ness (μm)
(ohm cm)
Coating# available
Article Number
(click for request)
1 available when this list has been revised
2 available + ordered (= available in typically few weeks)
3 Wider specified, rather cheap wafers for e. g. resist coating tests or start-up experiments for new litho-processes.
4 prices subject to change; while stocks last.
5 available on demand within approx. 1 - 2 weeks.

We try to revise this stock list daily or weekly, but we cannot guarantee that it's always up-to-date.