Quartz Wafers

Production of Quartz Wafers

Quartz monocrystals are formed via hydrothermal synthesis. Inside the vessel (image right) filled with NaOH, quartz feed material is placed in the bottom,usually high quality broken pieces of quartz.Hereby, quartz crystallizes at a temperature of approx. 400°C and a pressure of 1000 - 1500 bar from a saturated NaOH solution at quartz seed crystals which have a slightly lower temperature than the crushed source quartz at the bottom of the container.Quartz growth usually takes hours or days and forms monocrystals up to several kg weight. The quartz monocrystals formed hereby are cut intowafers and finally polished.

Specifications of Quartz Wafers

Crystal Orientation: Quartz is a monocrystalline material with various different crystal directions which define the orientation of the wafer surface. Typical cuts are „X-Cut“, „Y-Cut“, „AT-Cut“, and „ST-Cut“.

Diameter: Available wafer diameters are 2, 3 and 4 inch. Other diameters or dimensions on request.

Surface: Usually, quartz wafers are double-side polished. Single-side polishing on request.

Our Technical Wafer Brochure

Our technical wafer brochure with information on the production and specification of silicon, quartz, fused silica and borosilicate glass wafers can be downloaded or ordered (for free) here.