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Acetone MC - 2.50 l - ULSI - EUD/EVE!

Acetone is ideal for substrate cleaning and removes organic contaminants and particles.
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Product number: MACU1025
Manufacturer: MicroChemicals GmbH
Product information "Acetone MC - 2.50 l - ULSI - EUD/EVE!"




General Information

Acetone removes organic impurities from substrates and is well suited for greasy/oily contaminations. However, its large vapour pressure causes rapid drying together with a resorption of the contaminants on the substrate. Therefore an immediately subse¬quent rinsing step is recommended with a higher boiling solvent such as isopropanol. Acetone is not well-suited as lift-off medium due to the high fire danger when heated and the trend of particles to be lifted to resorb onto the substrate.

Product Properties
  • Density: 0.79 g/cm^3
  • Melting point: 95°C
  • Boiling point: 56°C
  • Flash point: < -18°C
  • Vapour pressure @ 20°C: 244 hPa


Acetone Molecule

Further Information

Safety Data Sheet Acetone english (TECHNIC France)
Sicherheitsdatenblatt Aceton german (TECHNIC France)

Safety Data Sheet Acetone english (MicroChemicals GmbH)
Sicherheitsdatenblatt Aceton german (MicroChemicals GmbH)

Specs Acetone ULSI (TECHNIC France)
Specs Acetone VLSI (TECHNIC France)
Specs Acetone ULSI (MicroChemicals GmbH)

Application Notes:
Solvents english
Lösemittel german

Purity: ULSI, VLSI