Field of Business

We offer a wide range of special chemicals for structuring technologies and si-wafers even in small quantities for the use in institutes, research centers and in  production facilities.

Our product range includes AZ® photoresists for almost all applications, special, high yield, image reversal resists for lift off technology, and AZ® ancillaries such as thinnerdeveloperEBR solvent, and stripper/remover.
We do not only sell products we further offer technical service based on many years of experience in semiconductor technologies of our team. See also our Interactive Support.

We are European distributor for AZ-EM® (former Clariant®)
We are also European distributor for Technic France

Product Range

Photoresists (positive, negative, image reversal)
Developers (metal ion free and metal ion containing)
Ancillaries (adhesion promoters and remover)
Etchants (acids and bases in VLSI and ULSI quality)
Etching mixtures (ready-to-use for various materials)
Solvents (VLSI and ULSI quality)

Trading Area

Direct distribution in Germany, Switzerland, Benelux Nations,
Austria, Eastern Europe, Portugal, Spain
Distribution partners in France, Italy, Scandinavia


What We Can Do For You

Supply you with small sales volumes with short lead times
Assist you with comprehensive technical support
Help you to forge links in our ‘technological network’
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