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AZ® 12XT

AZ® 12XT is a chemically amplified thick positive resist characterized by its excellent environmental stability and suitability for plating and RIE etc applications. Even for very high resist film thickness, AZ® 12XT requires only short softbake times, no delay for rehydration, very small exposure doses due to its chemical amplification and reveals a high development rate.

AZ® 15nXT (115 and 450 CPS)

AZ® 15nXT is a negative resist for various plating & etching applications with an excellent adhesion. AZ® 15nXT comes in two viscosities to cover 2 - 10 µm film thickness, is compatible with Cu substrates and other metals as well as TMAH-based developers.

> AZ® 15nXT (115 CPS)
> AZ® 15nXT (450 CPS)

AZ® 5209 E

The AZ® 5209 E is the thinner version of the AZ® 5214 E. This image reversal resist is specially designed for high-resolution lift-off applications requiring negative resist profiles. It is characterized by an improved adhesion, high thermal stability and can be developed in standard NaOH- or TMAH-based developers.

> AZ® 5209 E

AZ® MIR 701 (14 and 29 cPs)

AZ® MIR 701 is a thermally stable (softening point > 130°C), high resolution photo resist optimized for dry etching of sub-µm structures, thus a suited alternative for the discontinued AZ® 6600 series. The AZ® MIR 701 is available in two viscosities to cover 0.7 - 4 µm film thickness, even lower film thickness can be realized via dilution.

> AZ® MIR 701

AZ® nLOF 5510

AZ® nLOF 5510 is a thin, high-resolution negative resist with high thermal stability. This resist is designed for single layer lift off processes as well as for RIE etching or ion implantation and compatible with TMAH-based developers.

AZ® P4110 and AZ® P4903

AZ® P4110 and AZ® P4903 are positive resists characterized by a lower photo active compound concentration which allows the application of thick and very thick resist films (approx. 3 - 30 µm). Their improved adhesion to all common substrate materials makes the AZ® P4110 and AZ® P4903 suited for e. g. wet etching or plating applications.

> AZ® P4110
> AZ® P4903

AZ® TFP 650 F5

AZ® TFP 650 F5 is a positive resist with very high photo speed and contrast, applicable in spin or extrusion coating.  AZ® TFP 650 F5 shows an excellent adhesion even under harsh etching conditions.

> AZ® TFP 650 F5

AZ® TX1311 1G

AZ® TX 1311 is a chemically amplified positive deep-UV (DUV) resist (248 nm wavelength) for very high aspect ratios at resist film thicknesses of several µm. It is optimized for high energy implant applications, and – due to its high thermal stability – also well suited for dry etching processes.


AZ® 340 Developer

AZ® 340 is a sodium based developer concentrate to be diluted with DI water. Strong solutions are used for thick photoresists, more diluted solutions are used for thinner photoresists.

Strippers / Removers:

TechniClean™ CA25

A semi-aqueous proprietary blend that has been formulated to address post etch residue (PER) removal for all interconnect and technology nodes. This advanced chemistry offers a unique blend of ingredients that have been proven to be extremely efficient at quickly and selectively removing organo-metal oxides from the following materials: Al, Cu, Ti, TiN, W and Ni.

> TechniClean CA25

TechniStrip™ NF52

TechniStrip™ NF52 is a highly effective remover for negative resists (liquid resists as well as dry films). The intrinsic nature of the additives and solvent make the blend totally compatible with metals used throughout the BEOL interconnects to WLP bumping applications.

TechniStrip™ Micro D2

TechniStrip™ Micro D2 is a versatile stripper dedicated to address resin lift-off and dissolution on negative and positive tone resist. The organic mixture blend has the particularity to offer high metal and material compatibility allowing to be used on all stacks and particularly on fragile III/V substrates for instance.

> TechniStrip™ Micro D2

TechniStrip™ MLO 07

TechniStrip™ MLO 07 is a highly efficient positive and negative tone photoresist remover used for IR, III/V, MEMS, Photonic, TSV mask, solder bumping and hard disk stripping applications. It is developed to address high dissolution performance and high material compatibility on Cu, Al, Sn/Ag, Alumina and organic substrates.

> TechniStrip™ MLO 07


AX100 (Plating Activation Solution)

AX100 is an acidic solution for the activation and pretreatment for electroplating on seed layers and metal surfaces, where direct metallization is often associated with adhesion problems. This applies e. g. in Au plating on nickel surfaces or the direct plating on Ti or TiW layers. AX100 activates metallic surfaces before electroplating and enables improved adhesion of electrodeposited coatings on metal surfaces which are prone to oxidation.


Cu Etch 200 UBM (Cu Etchant)

Cu-etch-200 UBM is a ready-to-use, slightly alkaline etchant for Cu and is used for the wet-chemical removal of Cu seed layers with selectivity to metals like Ni, Au, Cr, Sn, Ti. Common areas of use are for semiconductor fabrication or microsystem technology especially for the removal of seed layers after the plating of under-bump-metallization (UBM).

TechniEtch™ CN10 (Cu and Ni Etchant)

TechniEtch™CN10 is a Copper and Nickel Stripper based on a mixture of Nitric- and Phosphoric acid. The etching process should be carried out with an addition of 8-16 % Hydrogen peroxide (30 %) allowing a 25° C etching rate of approx. 0.3-0.4 µm per minute.

> TechniEtch™CN10

TechniEtch™ AC35 (Au and Cu Etchant)

TechniEtch™ AC35 is a iodine based gold/copper etchant which is characterized by  its enhanced stability and wetting and metal loading capability compared to conventional I­2/I3- based solutions.

The particularity of the TechniEtch™ AC35 is its capability to address combined Au/Cu etching step while controlling the gold layer undercut to a minimum when etching very fast thick Cu layer.

TechniEtch™ TBR19 (Ti, TiW and TiN Etchant)

TechniEtch™ TBR19 is a ready to use low undercut Ti etch chemistry for Cu bump pillars. The TechniEtch™ TBR19 is compatible with most under bump metallization (UBM) and copper pillar integration materials such as Cu, Al, Ni and alloys, glass, organic substrate and most plastics like polypropylene, HDPE, PFA, PTFE Kalrez, PEEK, PE. The etching rate at 50°C is around 1000 A/min.

TechniEtch™ SO102 (TEOS Etchant)

TechniEtch™ SO102 is a tetraethylorothosilicate (TEOS) etch solution which contains special additives for excellent wetting capability, dispersing and etch rate control.

TechniEtch™ TC

TechniEtch TC is a ready to use solution for etching of titanium, based on nitric- and hydrofluoric acid. The etch rate of titanium is around 0.2 - 0.4 µm/min at 25°C. Higher temperatures will increase the etch rate.

> TechniEtch TC


Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol from MicroChemicals

We are now offering our new MicroChemicals Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol in ULSI quality. Our solvents are available in 2.5 L containers and can be ordered as single bottles or in the packaging unit of 4 x 2.5 L. Both products are ideal for substrate cleaning for organic contaminants and particles.

> Acetone
> Isopropyl Alcohol

> Info sheet
> Specification Acetone
> Specification Isopropyl Alcohol

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Lithography Application Notes

Our list of application notes with litho-related theoretical and technical background on all stages of micro-structuring can be downloaded from here:
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